Web Design is currently working on a web project and at least one group might use edublogs for their project.  Of course the students have already seen our class blog “in progress” and I have mentioned it to several teachers.  Keep watching the blogroll for even more MHS teacher blogs:)

This is a good time to mention good posting techniques.  For this, I turned to Sue Water’s blog Click here for her post

As you can see, posting isn’t the same as Myspace comments. You actually need to watch your grammar and punctuation. You also dont treat it like a text message either. Phrases such as “ttyl” and “brb” are not used when posting on your blog.

Make sure and visit the “about blogging” page before you start posting.

2 thoughts on “Posting

  1. Good luck with setting up your blogs. Glad you are finding my posts on The Edublogger useful. Noticed that your class calendar isn’t displaying properly yet — it’s probably because you need to edit it’s setting to make it public.

  2. OK–I think I’m about to try this. I’m sure I’ll be emailing you a ton with questions. I’ve given up on a cute name and I’m just going for a straightforward ccroad…easy to remember, hard to mess up.

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