B3: Be Better Blogger

A new year’s resolution I can keep, B³ :  Be a Better Blogger 🙂

While catching up on some of my rss reads, I happened across a post, Life is One Big Top Ten, on Sue Water’s TAFE site .  In it she mentioned Steve Dembo’s 30 Days to Be a Better Blogger. Ok I must admit I am a total geek, but it runs in my genes.  How many people have a 88 year old grandfather that blogs? I have been totally ecstatic that our parish finally opened up a blog site!  I have been waiting for years to have an interactive site for my students.

Since the unblocking (November ’08) of Edublogs, I have been focused on the integration aspect of blogging:

  • Organization of blog pages
  • Steps for students to earn blogs
  • Trial runs with students
  • Finding great widgets
  • Daily Journal dilemma (keep old, use edublogs, revamp)
  • and so on..

I hadn’t really focused on how my blog looks to the rest of the world.  My students love it, so it has to be great, right? LOL  Ok, maybe not:)

I am officially making a New Year’s Resolution to complete Steve Dembo‘s 30 Days to Be a Better Blogger.  Wow!  a resolution I can actually keep:)  I didn’t even take a sneak peak at what was going to happen over the next 30 days of this journey. I have already completed day one which involved revamping my about page.

UPDATE:  Great suggestion @suewaters, I am going to also work through the original challenge,  31 day challenge.  From what I can tell, it won’t be too time consuming to complete both.  It is also broken into two categories, so challenges are different for beginners vs. intermediate.  Pretty cool!

4 thoughts on “B3: Be Better Blogger

  1. Lisa, that’s a great goal for the New Year.
    My students commented on Day 27 (you’ll hve to wait!). Steve got some great advice from other bloggers (many of whom I read or follow). My modest goal for the first week back is to have their advice made into posters for around my room.
    I am pretty thrilled with the evolution of blogging in our classroom. There is an ethic of communication & support that I marvel at. Good luck with your goal & best wishes for 2009!

  2. Congratulations Lisa on deciding to work through Steve’s challenge.

    I suggest you also compare the tasks that I did in the original Challenge that was run by Problogger. There are some differences between the two challenges. I gained so much from the 31 Day Project.

    If you can organise a group to work through the Challenge with you — you will find it even better.

  3. Thanks for your comment. You’ll have to pop in and see how we are doing:) Feel free to send me ideas!

    I love the idea of putting student advice around the room. Ill try to wait until day 27 to read your students’ comments…we’ll see.

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