Techie Tuesday: 31 Day Challenge Days 1 – 5

A few week’s back I was catching up with my google reader feeds and spotted Sue Water‘s post, Life is One Big Top Ten In it she mentioned

One of my Top personal blogging I want To-Do’s is to revisit the 31 Day Project by working through Steve Dembo’s 30 Days to Being A Better Blogger!

Oh cool, there are directions to being better at blogging without all this trial and error (oh, and error). I started the 31 Day Challenge by myself while out for Christmas break.  I was actually also working the Steve Dembo challenge to Be a Better Blogger.  I thought hey these are quick little tasks, I can do two at once:)  

Reality check!  I first of all spent more time than I originally thought completing the challenges.  Not that they are hard.  I just have a very active brain and one challenge leads to another idea, and another, and you get the picture!  So I decided to only complete the 31 Day Challenge and then skim Steve’s.

Via Sue’s Suggestion, I tweeted that I was starting the challenge to see if anyone else wanted to join in.  That is when I met Bill and then we met Ana and Pam.  Basically one thing led to another and then Sue posted about the challenge and we are currently up to 15 participants.  Of course, that could change any minute.  

So how has the first 5 days gone?  GREAT!

I feel that day one is a vital part of building your PLN.  Each email, comment, or twitter response acts as building blocks to build your Personal(professional) Learning Network.  Day two I will probably visit several times during this challenge.  The audit of a blog by people outside of you local support system (or family) is GREAT! I loved Jenny Wood’s idea to post a poll and then send out a tweet.  I need to change a few things from my latest audit via Sue Water’s.  Then I want to tweet and poll:)

Joining a forum (day 3) is a great resource.  I found it helpful to search for various topics as well as expanding my PLN members.  The interlink activity for day 4 is a great idea I had never thought about. I will do more of this as I add posts to my blog.  Of course there had to be another challenge I would want to visit more than once, about page audit (day 5). I completed this challenge and am already ready to revamp again.  I think I might be visiting day 2 and 5 every week:) 


8 thoughts on “Techie Tuesday: 31 Day Challenge Days 1 – 5

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I too thought that the challenges looked easy, and they are, but for them to be worthwhile they take quite a lot of time.
    This is my third day on Day 1! and I still have a few comments to comment on. But, I am really enjoying it and am getting so much value out of it. I hope I can have more than 31 days to complete it.
    I will keep an eye on your blog as it will help me get through.

  2. Hey Colin –

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one going back to certain days more than once:) There is only so much you can fit in a day. We have a three day weekend coming up, so Im revisiting day 2 and 5 then. I have several thing to change up on my blog – can’t wait! I love having a group working through challenges.

    You will definitely have more than 31 Days. I noticed one participant is working a couple of challenges per week instead of daily.


  3. Hi Lisa
    JUst like you, I am finding that I keep going back to those challenges that I have already. This really is a great idea and the rest of the people in the group are very supportive.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I haven’t had a lot of time to look through your blog yet, but what I’ve seen looks great! I like your banner, was that a Wordle?

    The trial and error approach to blogging can be frustrating, especially in isolation. I’m so glad that you and Sue started the group challenge – an awesome idea!

  5. When I did the project in 2007 part of my personal goal was to be able to achieve it in the 31 days. This did make it intense but perhaps some of the intensity helped the learning.

    However this time I’ve decided that I will take the opposite approach. Do it in my own time. Taking longer between the tasks gives me longer to interact and help other participants plus gives them longer to ponder the implications of any posts I write.

    The whole connection part that you achieve in Day 1 task is important but long term when you build up readership on a blog you have to make decisions on how long you spend connecting.

  6. Yes it is a screen shot of a wordle. I think Im going to make another one using Fireworks so I can personalize the colors more.

    Another thing to do during the challenge. But hey isnt it more fun when others notice new stuff because they have been visiting the blog?

    Glad you joined us!


  7. Sue –
    My first thought was to finish in 31 days, but Im in the middle of several project including managing two grants and collaboratively writing another..oh, if a day only last 48 hours…

    Honestly Im so glad I went back to visit several of the challenges I had already completed.

    Thanks as always for all your help!!!


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