Techie Tuesday: 31 Day Challenge Days 12 – 20

Yes, I realize that today isn’t Tuesday, but why not get a jump start on next week’s blogging?  

I have finally completed another week of the 31 Day Challenge.  This was definitely a “one thing leads to another” challenge week for me.  I have gotten very good at day 12’s task to introduce myself to other bloggers.  This task was much easier due to my twitter addiction:)  I decided to branch outside of my PLN and googled to find someone blogging about high school reform.  I found Mike’s blog post about small learning communities.  I quickly emailed him an introduction and question about his work.

For day 14 we were asked to analyze our blog competition.  Mine is so new that I actually spend more time looking at other blogs for ideas not for competition:)  Day 15 asked us to make our posts sticky by adding rss feed to the bottom of posts.  So I created this feed image.  Im still working on getting it to work correctly.

I wasn’t able to complete the day 16 challenge, because I can’t add the code to my blog.  It was still informative to sign up and learn about the heat map. I might create one for our school website:) This led me to my most time consuming task…day 18:  sneeze page.  I decided to create a sneeze page about the 31 day challenge hopeing more of our teachers would decide to join at a later date.  When I went to add the page my theme caused the nav link to no longer be one nice neat line and instead became a double.  Im sure some of you can guess that this led me to searching for more themes…which led to creating a new header…which led to editing my widget sizes….

I guess it was time for a new look, but I really wanted to wait until summer to venture into a new theme.  I really want a three column so maybe that will come later.

Thank goodness the next two tasks were easy enough:) I already respond to all comments on my blog and interact with my PLN and readers frequently.  Ok, not so frequently over the past few weeks but I was snowed under:)



6 thoughts on “Techie Tuesday: 31 Day Challenge Days 12 – 20

  1. Hey Betsy!

    Ive been out of the loop a few weeks and have missed not checking on your blog:) Ill do much better this week!!!

    I found the rss icon today, but still need to tweak it a bit.

    Talk to you soon!

  2. Thanks for registering your blog as part of the 2009 student blogging challenge. I hope you all enjoy the activities and feel free to contact me at my email addy if you have any questions or ideas for challenges.

  3. I like your RSS feed image and the new look of your blog too! That does seem to be a constant with technology – one little glitch leads to one thing which leads to another and before you know it, two hours have passed by! Congrats on getting another week done in the challenge!

  4. I finish up two projects this week, so I should have a full week post this weekend:) Thanks for noticing the rss image; Im really excited about it. I want it to lead to the option to add to google etc. So I still have some things to work out.

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