Techie Tuesday: Take Your Student’s Online

Are you looking for a way to both save time and better meet your students’ needs? How about an online classroom?

Better yet, how about a FREE online classroom?

Edu 2.0 could be the answer!   Edu 2.0 is similar to Blackboard or Moodle.  The only difference is that it is 100% FREE and super easy.  You can even create a school site to manage all your teachers and students.  There is a thorough discussion board for help as well as superb one-on-one assistance!

So, what are some of the features?  I’m glad you asked.  Check them out below:

  • Class/school calendar which is exportable and all items (lessons, tests, etc) are automatically added to the calendar
  • Lesson plans with ability to add files, websites, etc with just a click of a button
  • Various Web 2.0 components such as blogs, wikis, collaborative groups, debates, feed, and chat
  • Threaded message board
  • Various assessment options such as quiz, free form, discussion, survey, and offline.  There are automatic grading options similar to Quia.

With Edu 2.0, students are able to access directions as many times as needed.  They also have access to lessons and resources at school and home.  Teachers are able to save time with auto grading and by having lessons readily accessible for absent students.

Is it time you took your students online?

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