Techie Tuesday: Feeling Bloggy?

blogA Blog, web log, has a variety of purposes in education. Why don’t all educators blog? Probably one of three reasons:  they don’t feel “tech savy” enough, aren’t aware of the various uses, or think it will be time consuming.

Blogs are one of the easiest ways for an educator to interact with students, parents, and the community.  You are able to post information, keep an online journal, disperse information, and share.

Are you still asking yourself, “What is a blog”?  Visit this video, Blogs in Plain English,  before proceeding further.

So, what about the need for technology skills?  If you are able to send an email, you are able to blog.  Free sites such as edublogs and blogger have made it easy!  For either, you basically create an account, activate the account via email, and sign in.  For those with technology phobias, edublogs has you covered with a quick post option right when you log in.  Simply type and publish.

Are you not sure of how to use a blog?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Share materials and resources
Create a class website
Hold online discussions
Start a book club
Invite guest student posters
Set-up student blogs
Establish a newsletter via blog posts
Create an administrator blog for your thoughts and invite guest posters
Personal webpage on your favorite topics

Check out other blogs for ideas.  Do you need even more ideas? Check these out.

Now, how about time consumption?  If you focus on your thoughts and not the coolest theme or pictures to add to posts, then it only takes as long as it would to send a detailed email.  Some of the best blogs are the simplest in form.

Are you feeling bloggy?

2 thoughts on “Techie Tuesday: Feeling Bloggy?

  1. Hi Lisa!
    I like the two new blogs! That must have taken some time to seperate the two! I still feel bloggy a great deal, but have struggled in the last few months to find the time to post. I agree with one of your last comments – it’s the fancy photos and design that always takes up the time when I’m posting.

    PS Love the headliner!

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