Techie Tuesday: Get Glogging

Most of you have heard of blogging, but what about glogging?  Glogster is a fun way of easily making a poster with the ability to embed images, music, and videos.  Many teachers assign topic related projects such as posters, essays, and PowerPoints.   Instead, why not give students the option of Glogging? Teachers are even using it as a presentation tool (follow the two links for examples).

In my multimedia class, we have been studying the use of iTouch/iPhone in education.  This week they used web 2.0 tools to present some of their  findings.  Several students opted to present using a glog.  Here are a few examples for their “mini project”:

Algebra 2

High School Trig


The above student examples are actually their first attempt at using Glogster. Creating your first glog is pretty easy.  Just make sure to create an account first or it will be hard to find what you created! Jazz up your next class project with Glogster!

What tools do you use to jazz up your projects or presentations?

3 thoughts on “Techie Tuesday: Get Glogging

  1. Hi,
    I thought I would let you know that we have a Glogster EDU site, which is designed for school settings and has many features not available through our site. Check it out!

    Jim Dachos
    Education Manager

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