Welcome to Tidertechie’s Blog!  My name is Mrs. D a computer education teacher with a passion for integrating technology into the classroom. My classes include multimedia, graphic design & animation, and web design courses.  If you are looking for my student blogs, they are located at tidertechies.edublogs.org.

I have always had the desire to not teaching in a “one-size-fits-all” fashion but instead committing to address the individual learning styles of each student. The easiest way I have found to reach multiple learning styles at one time is through the incorporation of technology.

I guess most would know me as the “campus geek” and a lot of my time is spent fixing technology issues, or working with teachers to incorporate technology in their classroom.  On this blog, I  share my writings on a variety of technology topics.   Most blog posts will revolve around integration of technology in classrooms, cool geeky gadgets, web 2.0, iPhone/iTouch, and connections to the world.

I have also been privileged to present a variety of technology workshops at our school, parish, and region.  Most presentations have focused on reaching individual learning styles, integration of technology, creating class web pages, iPhone/iTouch, web 2.0.

Don’t forget to stop by our school website, www.mindenhigh.com Roll Tide Roll!

Contact Information:
Email:  pencilbo@websterpsb.org or tidertechie@gmail.com
Twitter:  tidertechie

Class Information:
Class Website:  http://www.mindenhigh.com/ldick
Class Blog:  tidertechies.edublogs.org
Class Wikitiderwiki.wikispaces.com
School Website: http://www.mindenhigh.com
Parish Website:  http://www.websterpsb.org

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  1. Hi Ms. D,

    Just a note from Melbourne Australia to say that your guidelines for blogging are great.

    I look forward to when my new classes start in a few weeks to following them with my students.

    Would there be any interest in a discussion between your students and mine? Probably half of of my students are refugees from Sudan aged between 18 and 25.

    Regards, Bill Oldham (sessional teacher at the Victoria University Adult VCE program)

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  3. Hi Lisa
    I understand that we have to contact you to let you know that we are doing the 31 day blogging challenge as mentioned on Sue Water’s blog, so here I am! I hope this makes sense to you.

  4. Hello:)
    We would LOVE to have you! I am heading over to the wiki right now to add a page for you to reflect on each challenge. You will also receive an email inviting you to the wiki. Message me if you don’t get it.
    Thanks for joining us!

  5. We would love to have you:) I’ll go over to the wiki page for the challenge now and send you and email about joining. Then once you join Ill send you a welcome letter that gives you an overview of what we are doing!

    Talk to you soon!

  6. Tena koe Mrs.D from NZ
    Having read Sue’s blog and request to advise you, I would love to join the 31 Day Project.

  7. Did it again! Damn!!

    Do you think it would be all right to list all the participants in a blog roll in the sidebar?

    I know that there are no problems with a private blog where people are invited. But what would be the effect in a public blog?

    What do you think?

    Regards, Bill Oldham

    PS I forgot to type in the antispam word and lost the first lot.

  8. Ok Bill, Im going to have to started editing you comments:) LOL

    Are you referring to adding the blog roll to your blog? I think it would be totally fine. You might ask Sue the proper etiquette.

    I also made a folder in my google reader for the 31 Day challenge and it helps me alot to go stop by everyone’s blogs. Then I connected that folder to my google homepage.


  9. Hi Lisa,
    I’m wanting to look deeper into your blog now as I progress in the 31 day challenge. Its only now that I’m commenting that I see the RSS Feed subscription icon. So I’m going to do that so that I get notification of comments in your blog on my email. This is the only way I will remember to check back – I have so many places online to visit that I need that automatic reminder system.

    I’m learning from what you do here and note that there is a busyness about the comments – something that I have not aspired to in my blog. I wonder if this exercise will help me change my mind.

    Note: clicking the notify me of followup comments icon


  10. Hey Carole:)
    It is great to hear from you and on your 31 Day Challenge progress. Having my comments emailed to me has been GREAT to keep conversation flowing.

    I chuckled when I read your “note”. Thanks for the LOL this morning!


  11. G’day,
    I noticed you had put your class blog on the list at the Edublogger and I was wondering if you and your class might be interested in taking part in a student blogging challenge for a ten week period starting in March 2009?

    A new activity would be put on my class blog http://wyatt67.edublogs.org every week for students to have a go at. It would involve writing comments, writing posts, improving their blog, visiting other students’ blogs and so on. Students can do as much or as little of the activities as you or they have time for.

    You can register either a class blog or each student can register their own blog if they have them. Please register here: http://wyatt67.edublogs.org/2009/01/18/a-new-year-means-a-new-challenge/

    Students who took part in the challenge last year are running a collaborative blog with their teachers here: http://studentfriends.edublogs.org

    Last year we had nearly 500 students from nine countries of the world taking part.

  12. If you register with your class blog, then students don’t have to register their own but they can if they wish. There are two sections on the participation page, one for classes that have registered and one for students who have registered separately.

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