Overview of Blogging
Blogging is different than social platforms such as Myspace and Facebook.  Blog is short for web log. It is a webpage that is regularly updated by an individual in chronological order similar to a journal. Blogs reflect the personality of its writer and typically includes various topics, images, and lots of links.

Though blogging in this class will be informal leaning toward semi-formal in nature, you will need to deviate away from the “Myspace” mentality of writing comments and also informal texting techniques.  Your comments and journal blogging will consist of complete sentences following standard grammar and punctuation rules.  Below you will find a few links to help you out in your posting.

Writing a Good Blog for Dummies

Good Blog Writing Style

Sections of Tidertechie

The Tidertechie Blog’s first page is my blog. It will cover various topics related to technology. I will regularly update this portion of the blog just as my students will update their own blogs. For students, this blog will serve as a model to their own blog writing. Below are the sections of this blog:

  • Home:  Blog posts
  • About Blog:  Introduction to me, the blog writer, and our class
  • Blogging:  (this page) An introduction to blogging including links
  • Challenge 31:  Overview of the 31 Day Challenge
  • Student:  Overview of class and link to the class blog including their blog links

10 Steps to Your Own Blog
This is an example of steps you could put in place before students receive their own blogs.

  1. Get familiar with Tidertechie blog.
  2. View other class and student blogs.
  3. Post comments to the Tidertechie blog.
  4. Turn in three class/student blogs you visited and include what you liked about the ones you selected.
  5. Review writing tips and blog rules.
  6. Turn in a sample blog post for your blog to Mrs. D.
  7. Get account sign in information from Mrs. D.
  8. Create your home and about pages on your blog.
  9. Review writing tips and blog rules again.
  10. Get blogging!

Things to Remember

  • Privacy:  You will never be asked to give out private information.  This includes your full name.
  • Think:  Make sure your comments and posts are appropriate for school and would be fine for your parents or future employers to read.
  • Comments:  Keep comments positive and helpful in nature.  Absolutely no personal attacks even in a joking manner.
  • Post Number:  You are required to post at least once per week, but can post more.
  • Writing:  Use correct grammar and punctuation.

Update Summer 2009: The end of January 2009 marked our adventure into classroom blogging and what an adventure it has been!  Though the blogs aren’t being updated, I will keep their links active, so you can view our journey.  Some week’s had more blog time than others, but it has been a great experience.  This was especially true with our joining other classes from around the world through classroom connections with Germany and Norway and through the Student Blogging Challenge. The year definitely ended on a great note with two opportunities to Skype with Mark Zilich’s class!  What does the 2009 – 2010 school year have instore?

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