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Hello Friends! We are from Minden, Louisiana, and this is our class blog.  Our class is a mixture of high school grade levels from Sophomore through Senior year.  We learn about a variety multimedia and web design elements such as clay and digital animation, photography, podcasting, and movies.

Stop by our student blogs page on our class blog to find out more about us and our projects. Each blog theme and content reflects our own individual personality.  We would greatly appreciate you leaving us comments and inputs on our posts.

Stop by our class blog including student blog posts!

7 thoughts on “Student Blogs

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  2. i cant wait until we get out 4 school.YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.its gonna be so fun staying out of school but it won’t be long .

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  4. hey yal its Dani and Sam here from Brigidine College Sydney Australia wasuuup??? We are heaps excited to talk to yal! hope u will enjoy talking to us! Americans are cool but not as cool as the Aussies braaaaaaaaaa jokessss!!! hahaha Dani likes long walks on the beach and sam likes horsy riding giddy up! plzzz reply we rally realy excited to know you guys and the things you do over there. xoxo loveyalls peace bruvaz! 😛

  5. Austrialians speak english really? lol Not to be rude but you guys sound like you guys are from the South of the US with all the yal. lol

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