Techie Tuesday: Get Techie, Get Healthy

It’s New Year’s resolution time and health clubs as well as weight loss program memberships have skyrocketed!  This year more businesses than ever before are offering healthy lifestyle incentives such as gym memberships earning  you a $100 bonus, luxury vacations, and more.  Does your job offer such incentives?

With two-thirds of Americans overweight or obese, we are truly in a crisis situation which costs US companies an estimated $13 billion per year.  Technology can be used to help improve almost anything from time management to professional development.  How about for developing a healthy lifestyle?

There are numerous FREE websites and apps to start you on the journey of a healthy lifestyle.  Let’s take a look of one such website, Sparkpeople.

SparkPeople is loaded with every resource you could need to develop healthy habits.  If you are wanting to lose weight or even just trying to eat healthier there is a step-by-step program to do just that.  They even have another site, SparkRecipes, filled with great alternatives to your typical recipes.  Here is a brief overview of what they have to offer for FREE:

Tracking tools for food and fitness
Goal setting tools

Healthy Life Styles
Fitness (including plans and videos)

Your Health
Health A – Z
Condition Centers
Health News

Message Boards
SparkPages (blogs)

Yes, there is even an app for SparkPeople!  You can input food and exercise (as well as other facts) on the go or just view your results in a variety of reports.

Here are a few more sites you might want to check out; some of which made it to the top 20 most popular health websites:
Prevention, Real Age, Weight Watchers,

iPhone App

Couch to 5K ~  This app takes you step-by-step off the couch and to running 5K, seriously!

A special thanks to @magic101 (Jackie Sharp) and @melching5 (Melanie Ching) for their app and site suggestions for this week’s Techie Tuesday!