Adding the ACTION to Lights, Camera, …

With some sadness we are officially ending our photography unit and moving on to applying some of these skills to our new unit Movie Making.  If you would like to see some of the photography projects, stop by my student blogs to view their photo books.  I was out the day they uploaded, so some might not be published until Monday afternoon.  

OK students, it is time to begin our Movie Making:)  Are you surprised to know that we are going to apply some of the same principals to movies?  Is there a particular photography technique you think movies, advertisements, etc use?

For every unit, we start out with research and move to organization.  We will combine these two for this unit and thus you will not complete a “Chat About It” for Movie Making.  We will start with two group storytelling activities and move to learning more about storytelling using the below video.


Then on to complete a quick storyboard using a movie clip.  You will complete this unit in four day, so it will be important to stay focused and ASK questions immediately!  Are you curious about your project? Well, you know I was at an apple training last week. Do you ever wonder what we do while we are gone?  Here is a hint:

Smoking Kills

Watch it a second time and count how many cuts (changes in camera view) there are in the movie.  What do you think our story starter was?

Your unit project will be a group movie with a common story starter (given in class).  Here are our standards and objectives for this unit:

Standards:  1, 2, 3, 6

Objectives (9-12): A, E, G, H, J, K



2 thoughts on “Adding the ACTION to Lights, Camera, …

  1. I love the story boarding clip. Your blog is also looking very good with great Widgets on it. Nice work!

  2. Thanks Jenny:) When I get time I might work on a more professional header like yours:)

    Next week there should be some video clips on my student blogs. If you have time, stop by next week.


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