Worldly Wednesday: Go Green!

How many pieces of paper per year does the average teacher use?  How many sticky notes are sold per year?  The average tree produces 80,500 sheets of paper.  That seems like quite a bit until you compare that to the annual use of paper.  It requires 786 million trees to produce the worlds annual paper supply.

Is your classroom Green?  I really hadn’t given this much thought, because I am not worksheet teacher. Ok, now that I think about it, I am quite a sticky note fanatic.  Oh and when writing grants I tend to print numerous copies to write all over. Maybe I am being pretty wasteful.

Can our class really make a difference?   YES! If you recycle 2 sheets per day for a year, you would save approximately 42 trees.

Our Class Challenge
We are going to go green for the first nine weeks of this semester to see how close to paperless we can get.  How are we going to do this?

  •  Notebooks kept on computer
  •  Student Jumpdrives
  •  Parents communicate by phone and email
  •  Class handouts using Box Widget
  •  Online quizzes

How much paper do you think we will use?  Please give us your feedback by participating in this poll:




What other steps could we take to conserve paper?