Visitor Counter? NO, ClustrMaps!

Why would someone choose to add a ClusterMap to their website or blog instead of the ol’ standby of a visitor counter.  You know the ones that look similar to your cars odometer.

There are several reasons I chose Clustermaps instead of a typical counter.  First, I LOVE visuals and what better way to “see” your visitors than via world map.   The map is great for not only seeing visitor locations but also their location is relation to yours.

Clustrmap also doesn’t count every single visit to your site.  That, for me,  is for Google Statistics.  Clustrmaps instead counts unique visitors.  Sure someone might visit your site from two computers and be counted twice, but that is better than if a person visits once a week for a year and is counted 52 times:)

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Easy to install on a website, blog, etc.
  • Has an additional live Clustrmap to allow you and/or your students to see who is currently looking at the blog.
  • Archives yearly, so you don’t have one big red dot:)

Oh no!  You loose the map?  No it isn’t lost just archived. There is a link above you map for archives.  Clustrmaps also sends you an email about the soon change.  But you can have your own archive too such as saving the image to add to post just like this one.  As this year starts to close, so does our 2009 Clustrmap.

Here is our archive for 2009:

tidertechiemap2009Take a look at these awesome visitors!!

United States (US) 843
Australia (AU) 148
Canada (CA) 81
Norway (NO) 28
United Kingdom (GB) 26
Germany (DE) 14
Russian Federation (RU) 13
Czech Republic (CZ) 11
France (FR) 7
Belgium (BE) 5
Netherlands (NL) 5
Switzerland (CH) 4
China (CN) 4
India (IN) 4
Finland (FI) 3
Spain (ES) 3
New Zealand (NZ) 3
Argentina (AR) 3
Korea, Republic of (KR) 3
Portugal (PT) 3
Philippines (PH) 2
Thailand (TH) 2
Serbia (RS) 1
Ireland (IE) 1
Sweden (SE) 1
Poland (PL) 1
Austria (AT) 1
Japan (JP) 1
Malaysia (MY) 1
Trinidad and Tobago (TT) 1
Indonesia (ID) 1
Peru (PE) 1
Chile (CL) 1
Brazil (BR) 1
Puerto Rico (PR) 1
Hong Kong (HK) 1
Italy (IT) 1
Macedonia (MK) 1
Greece (GR) 1
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR) 1
Taiwan (TW) 1
Bulgaria (BG) 1

December’s Widget of the Month

My computer science class really liked all the widget available, so we are starting a widget of the month post! Of course Christmas is on everyone’s minds, so here is this month’s widget:

Get the Christmas Countdown widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox!

Google Calendar

Well, the Google calendar is up and running:)  Make sure when you create your calendar that the events are marked public, so they will show up when you embed it.  Also, make sure to check to make the calendar public.  Follow this link for the directions to embed from Sue Water’s Blog.
I made mine only show the agenda with no tabs, print, date, etc.  I will probably add a link to the full calendar right below, so students have the option to view everything.  Also, I would like to eventually have more than one calendar fed into one so each class is color coded.  If I would ever get an iphone I might even create a personal calendar.  Leslie Fisher has an excellent example of a personal professional combo deal for a Google Calendar.